Even you can change the DNA of Indian fitness
I will help you become a sponsored Athlete
Help me get sponsorship
Brand TG
We do this with the only one goal in mind- to give people careers in the Indian fitness industry
Benefits of becoming a TG Athlete
Career mentoring from Tarun Gill 
Promotions on Tarun Gill''s social media
Monthly youtube video and Instagram post
How to become a TG Athlete
  • Fill out an an application form 
  •  My team will check your social profile to see your fitness lifestyle. 
  •  On selection you will be notified
  •  You don't need to be a bodybuilder or fitness model to be a TG Athlete 
Athletes who are connected to TG
They represent fitness, not just aesthetics

Chintu says: 

Thank you for changing my life Tarun Sir. The TG brand and your support has helped me establish credibility in the Indian fitness market. 

Aman says:

My parents are so proud of me now. They actually feel i am doing something in the fitness industry. Thank you Tarun Sir. 
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